Working On Our First ClickBank Product

Of all the sites I’ve built in the past, I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get one up on ClickBank but here goes..
My wife Connie was recently laid off from her job and has always wanted to work from home.
She and I sat down recently and began brainstorming ideas and getting a plan together.

Basically, it will be her first membership site in a niche we’re both passionate about – Dogs!
You weren’t hoping I was going to say we need yet another new traffic exchange, right? lol
I think it will be a fun project and being that its in a non-marketing niche as well as our first product in Clickbank,  I’ll have much to learn from the experience.
I also plan on using this as a case study as part of another upcoming project, aimed at helping others do the same.

During this process, I’ve completely converted my office and moved her PC into it with a new desk – everything is all dialed in now so we can look over eachother’s shoulders, keep eachother motivated and bounce ideas.
I’ll post progress updates here from time to time to let you know how we’re doing :)


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