Bikini-Gate And The Squeaky Wheel Culture Cash My 2 Cents

After taking a much needed day off yesterday to spend some quality time with the family, I came home to perhaps one of the most bizarre emails I’ve received since I’ve been online.
There are so many things ‘going on’ here, that I felt compelled to get a few things off my chest.
Apparently, it was sent from a disgruntled TE user, to dozens of exchange owners affiliated with CTP.
Before I get on with that, let me share the email with you:

Last evening I cancelled my account with you. I thought you deserved an explanation.

At several other ClickTrackProfit-associated surf sites, I continued to encounter a website I found to be highly offensive.
I do not appreciate being subjected to what I consider to be offensive material.
Accordingly, since other traffic exchanges associated with ClickTrackProfits (run by Mr. Olson and Mr. Linden) think Mr. Olson’s and Mr. Linden’s website with the chick in the thong (not a bikini) is not offensive and will not remove it, then I am cancelling every account I have that is associated with ClickTrackProfits.
I can no longer trust any admins that are associated with ClickTrackProfits based on these few bad apples.
Since your site is listed with ClickTrackProfits, then I am forced to cancel it too, whether you are showing the offensive website or not.
I will not associate with anyone who is knowingly associating with Mr. Olson, Mr. Linden, the TimTech team, or any other surf sites that endorse this offensive website and believes that people should view it whether they are offended by it or not!
I would have thought that Mr. Olson, Mr. Linden, and others would have had more business sense to not offend other people, even if they do not hold the same beliefs as those people.
I also find it offensive that they claim to be family-friendly and then continue this behavior. I am letting you know why because I think you deserve to know why and because I may not be the only person who is feeling the same way and you may encounter this account-cancelling activity by other people.
Even if I am the only person that is cancelling my account, there is something implicitly wrong with trying to force me to view something I find offensive. I find it even more immature that once I did get it removed from another website (apparently at least one admin agrees with me), that they added a disclaimer to the website that I find even more offensive than the original picture and original comments that offended me to begin with!

Response is not necessary. I do not need any more “cheerleaders” for Mr. Olson or Mr. Linden telling me what I should find offensive and what I should not find offensive. In fact, this whole experience may force me to give up surfing altogether.

Ok. Here we go..
First of all, let me start by saying I do the very best I possibly can to accommodate as many people as possible in my traffic exchange. Those that know and use the site are fully aware that I take great care to prevent/remove anything from rotation that could be conceived as blatantly “offensive”. Traffic Punk TOS.

HOWEVER, The fact remains: You can’t please 100% of the people 100% of the time. Part of being an adult is accepting things don’t always go your way.

1.  Prior to this email, I had received no contact whatsoever from this member. If you have an issue with me or the sites I operate, I am readily available to discuss.

2. No program owner is responsible for the imagery depicted in the ads produced by other people. Duh.

3. The year is 2013. Not 1913.

4. Regarding Timtech and the accusations made about them, you know what they say about ASSumptions, right?

5. What do your delicate sensibilities have to do with whether or not you can trust someone who had nothing to do with this non-issue in the first place?

6. “Forcing you” to view something YOU find offensive? Please…

7. If you “give up surfing”, the only one getting less advertising is of course you and you are free to do what you will.

I am not a fan of political correctness and never will be. Don’t like it? Deal with it because it isn’t going to change for you.
The squeaky wheel gets the grease mentality is bullshit. Making a big stink like this over an ad featuring a bikini among a whole community and from a holier than thou platform is ridiculous.
Are we really becoming a society now where trading common sense for self importance is the new norm?
What about communication? Is it really that difficult for people to simply drop a message to the owner privately beforehand?
Afterall, you did manage to find my helpdesk to voice your gripe after the fact didn’t ya?

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